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TDC IV-B Fixed-Angle Bevel CNC Cutting Machine

Feature code:
  • Economic CNC cutting machine for bevel cutting, mainly used in steel structure, pressure vessel , petrochemical and other industries.
  • Electric adjustment of torch angle.The bevel angle can be preset. 
  • Anti-collision function of torch.
  • Can work with XPR high definition plasma power soure of hyphertherm,True Bevel technology. 

Technical index of equipment

  • Axis: 5
  • Torch lifting stroke: 300mm
  • Torch deflection angle: ±45°
  • Torch deflection precision: ±1°
  • Vertical cutting error: ±0.5mm/m
  • Bevel cutting error: ±1mm/m
  • CNC system: EDGE Connect Hypertherm 
  • Nesting software: Hypertherm ProNest