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Workstation introduction

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TIME arc welding robot workstation includes robot body, welding power source, peripheral equipments (positioner, moving trolley, rotating table etc), safety enclosure and protection, welding torch cleaning station. They can be combined and designed according to different demands of customers.

TIME arc welding robot workstation includes following combinations: Single robot/single workstation, single robot/double workstation, single robot/triple work station, double robot/double workstation, flame cutting system, plasma cutting system. Welding power source: Based on TIME welding power source, there are also some other international brands to choose from according to customer’s needs. Welding clamper:Advanced 3D design software makes sure the clamper’s designing process visualized and vivid.

Based on the decades’ experience of designing welding clampers in different industries, the designers know the precise size and work on the problems like welding distortion, splashing shield, protection for precision processing surface. Standard interface design, flexible clamper design, which makes quick switching of welding clampers possible. So different types of products can be processed on the same equipment, the advantages of robot brought into full play, the productivity improves.

Peripheral device Extending the work range of robot, optimizing the welding angle, improving the work efficiency, providing the best solution for production in different ways. Safety enclosure and protection Safety enclosure, light curtain, emergency and service door switch can be taken into use; it reduces the harm to equipments, operators, and serviceman to a minimal level. Advanced dust removing system enables the operators not harmed by discharged gas and dust.

Single robot/single workstation with workshop
Single robot/double workstation with workshop