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Multi function circumferential welding equipment

Feature code:
  • Applied to pipelines prefabrication, gas cylinders production, water-cooled motor case, small storage tanks industry etc.
  • Work piece types include pipe- pipe, pipe–flange, pipe-head plate, pipe-elbow, intubate-main pipe.
  • Composed of overturning Servo power head, side-hanging slide frame or digital operator, lifting idler and a pneumatic tail frame. 
  • Flexible configuration of single welding head or twin welding head, work with various types of seam sensors. Various welding processes available.
  • Welding position can be horizontal circular seam, vertical circular seam and small TDMAW circular seam, and short longitudinal seam.
  • Intelligent control sysytem to achieve Networked Management of welding process.
  • Customized: Effective weld length≤6000mm,workpiece diameter ≤1200mm, weight ≤3T.